Programs don't teach Children people do
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Alexsander Academy

"Programs don't teach Children people do" ~Maya Mehanna

What Makes Us Special

Alexsander Academy is a place where all children are challenged academically regardless of the differences they may have. We know many children do not fit into a "one size fits all" program so our program focuses on each student as an individual and the curriculum is tailored to each student’s learning needs. At Alexsander Academy we get to know our student’s academic, social, emotional and sensory needs. Our small environment allows us to help them be successful in a classroom environment, to help them gain self confidence and to build true and lasting friendships. At Alexsander Academy our students learn THEY CAN DO IT!!!
Alexsander Academy is now accepting applications for the 2015-16 school year.   Very limited opening still available.  Discounts available if deadline met.  Scholarships programs for families that qualify.

School program---Summer Academic Session---Year Round Tutoring Available

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Alexsander Academy is proud to announce two new scholarship programs -  The Gregory Howland Memorial Scholarship Fund and The Marica Lynn Sandler Memorial Scholarship Fund.  Contact us to find out if your child may qualify.  Alexsander Academy is committed to doing everything possible to provide an academically focused program to ALL!



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1090 Powers Place               (Main Street Commons
Alpharetta, GA 30009            Office Park on N. Main St.)
Phone: 404-839-5910           770-777-0475           770-777-0476 Fax

Executive Director: Stefanie Smith
Education Director: Shelby Nelson
Assistant Director: Susan Salganek